Turkiye throws tantrums :  Says Israel’s order of evacuation is unacceptable

Israel had ordered the evacuation of Gaza within 24 hours

Tel Aviv (Israel) – Palestine’s Ministry of Health claimed on 15th October that 70 people were killed in Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, while an estimated 200 were injured. Palestine also said that these people were leaving northern Gaza as ordered by Israel. It is reported that 11 people were killed in the military operation of Israel in the West Bank area of Palestine. The Turkish Government has stated regarding Israel’s order that ‘It is impossible to evacuate Gaza within 24 hours. Israel’s order is unacceptable. All the countries of the world should raise their voice against Israel in this matter. Adequate time should be given to evacuate civilians from the northern Gaza’.

In another news, Israel’s Army has denied reports claiming that ‘Israeli forces used Phosphorus bombs during the operation in Gaza’. It called the report baseless and an anti-Israel propaganda.

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Qatar on 13th October. He said, “Qatar should pressurise Hamas to release the hostages. The Israeli Government is trying to ensure that civilians are not harmed during the military operations in the Gaza Strip”.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Please note how Turkiye conveniently remains silent on the killing of innocent Israeli citizens by the Hamas terrorists.
  • What else can we expect from Turkiye, a country which always supports Pakistan-sponsored Jihad and terrorism in Kashmir ?