School teacher stabbed to death in France; attacker chanted Allah-hu-Akbar during the assault

(Allah-hu-Akbar means Allah is great)

Paris (France) – A schoolteacher was stabbed to death in Arras, northern France. Two others have been seriously injured in this attack. ‘The Local France’ news portal has informed that the incident took place on 13th October at 11 a.m. at Gambetta High School in Arras town. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has confirmed the incident. The attacker, who is reportedly an ex-student of the school, chanted ‘Allah-hu-Akbar’ during the assault.

According to the local officials, the attacker and his brother have been arrested by the Police. The deceased teacher taught French language, while one of the injured is working as a sports teacher. The Police confirmed that the situation is under control.

Geert Wilders, the anti-Islamic member of the ‘House of Representatives’ of the Netherlands and founding president of the political party ‘Party for Freedom’, has posted about this incident on the social media network ‘X’ along with a video.

3 years ago, on 16th October 2020, a teacher named Samuel Paty was beheaded in Paris by one of his Muslim students while chanting ‘Allah-hu-Akbar’. A strong worldwide reaction was seen after that incident.

Editorial Perspective

Not only the Jihadi organisations like Hamas or ISIS, but the original provocative doctrine that incites Jihad should be destroyed, in order to stop such incidents permanently.