Man sentenced to life imprisonment for repeatedly raping minor daughter

Even the demons wouldn’t have done this – Court

(Credits: NDTV)

Kota (Rajasthan) – A local Court has sentenced a man to life imprisonment for repeatedly raping his minor daughter. A fine of ₹10,000 has also been imposed on him. The incident took place when the victim was 14 years old. The victim is a national-level sportsperson.

Convict must keep atoning for the sin at every moment !

While passing the verdict, the Court said that having sexual intercourse with a girl when she was a minor until she became an adult is a disgrace to humanity. There is no such example even among demons. Memories fade with time, but the bad deeds done by the father and the bitter memories in the daughter’s mind cannot fade. The guilty father has to remain in prison until the last breath of his life and at every moment, he has to atone for the sin. Seeing him, henceforth no father will dare to keep an evil eye on his daughter.