Mrs Andal Ranganayakacharyulu Aravalli (of Chirala, Andhra Pradesh) attains Sainthood

H.H. (Mrs) Andal Aravalli

Chirala (Andhra Pradesh) – During a visit to Mrs Andal Ranganayakacharyulu Aravalli’s home here on 12.9.2023, Mr Chetan G announced that She has attained Sainthood. She is 87-years-old.

Mr Chetan G read out a message for Her from Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale to  share the joyous news. He honoured and presented a photo of Shrikrushna to Her. Mrs Janaki Devi Shriniwas Madabhushi (Her daughter), Yashwant Madabhushi (Her grandson), Mr Badri Narayan Aravalli (Her son) and Mrs Radhika Aravalli (Her daughter-in-law) attended the joyous function.

Mrs Andal Aravalli is a loving and selfless personality,
who remains in communion with Shri Narayan by continuously chanting His Name

Mrs Andal Aravalli hails from Chirala, Andhra Pradesh. She performs spiritual practice as advised in the Vaishnav sect. She has unwavering faith in Shri Narayan and chants His Name continuously. Due to Her faith, She has successfully overcome many challenges in Her life and never lost Her calm. She has no expectations from Her kin and truly believes that God is Her only relative. She has unwavering faith that God will protect Her from all harm. Such is Her spiritual emotion. She does not have any ego about Her experience and always remains in a learning mode.

Her husband (Late) Mr Ranganayakacharyulu Aravalli, was an Acharya (Spiritual teacher and a leader) of the Vaishnav sect. While the devotees would perform their Padyapuja She would imagine Shri Vishnu and Shri Lakshmi sitting in their place. This reflected her bhav (Spiritual emotion).

Now, Her face glows with radiance. I feel that this is because of Her increased Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) arising from Her relentless spiritual practice.

Mrs Andal Aravalli’s family have also started sadhana under Her spiritual tutelage. Mr Badri Narayan Aravalli (Her son) performs sadhana as advised by the Vaishnav sect. Mrs Janaki Devi Madabhushi (Her daughter), Mrs Tejaswi Venkatapura (Her grand-daughter) and Mr Prasanna Venkatapura (Her grandson-in-law), have been performing spiritual practice as advised by Sanatan Sanstha in Bhagyanagar (Telangana). Their son, Master Balaram Venkatapura (Age 5), is a Divine child from Maharloka and is at the spiritual level of 61%.

Mrs Andal Aravalli is a role model for those who want to lead selfless lives rooted in Spirituality. Her spiritual progress is taking place rapidly due to Her sadhana. Her distinctive qualities, such as a loving nature, unwavering faith and being in communion with God by continuously chanting His Name, have helped Her attain the spiritual level of 71% on the auspicious day of 12th September 2023, and thus attain Sainthood.

I pray unto the Holy feet of Shri Narayan – May H.H. (Mrs) Andal Aravalli remain steadfast on Her spiritual journey and continue to achieve faster spiritual progress in the times to come.

– Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale