Newsclick’ hatched an international conspiracy to show Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh as ‘disputed territories’

(Credits:Live Law)

New Delhi – The news portal ‘NewsClick’ hatched international conspiracy to show Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir as not being a part of Bharat. The Delhi Police said that proof to this effect has been found against the founder of NewsClick Prabir Purkayastha. The Police have arrested Purakayastha and the Courts have given him 7 days of Police custody. The Police had raided in this connection 30 places on the 3rd of October. In this period, 46 people including 9 women have been interrogated. There are some journalists among them. There is an allegation that this web portal has illegally accepted funds from China.

(Credits: India Today)

Police claim that they have e-mail correspondence between American businessman Neville Roy Singham and Prabir Purakayastha. Among this are conversations to how to prepare Bharat’s maps that show ‘Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh as disputed areas’. The northern border of the maps of Bharat were shown without Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh as its part. Their attempt shows their intention to weaken the unity and integrity of the nation.

According to the Police they have information that the Urban Naxalite Gautam Navlakha is a partner of NewsClick. He is involved in anti-national activities.

Have not propagated Chinese propaganda – claims ‘NewsClick’

‘NewsClick’ has earlier tweeted on X to explain their policy. In it is said that NewsClick is an independent portal. It does not give any news under the direction of any Chinese organisation and Business. We do not take direction of what to put up on the NewsClick portal from Neville Roy Singham. The money that is earned by the portal is through legitimate banking procedures. And the concerned officials have been informed. The Reserve Bank of India has confirmed this to the Delhi High Court.

Editorial Perspective

It is necessary to ban the web portal indulging in such anti-national activities.