16 Pakistanis travelling from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia for begging offloaded from flight

(Credits: Twitter)

Multan (Pakistan) – A Committee formed by the Government of Pakistan states that maximum number (90%) of beggars caught in the world are from Pakistan. Barely two days after this statement, 16 Pakistanis travelling from Multan in Pakistan to Saudi Arabia for begging were offloaded from a flight. The group included 11 women, 4 men and a boy. They were travelling to Saudi Arabia pretending to be Hajj Pilgrims. They have been detained for interrogation. When questioned by officials at the airport, they accepted that they were going to Saudi Arabia to beg. They also accepted that half the amount that they would have collected from begging in Saudi Arabia would go to the agents who had made arrangements to send them there.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Subjects follow the ruler ! Will they dare to offload from the airplane, Pakistani authorities who go to other countries to beg ?
  • It should be noted that despite such a condition of Pakistan, we cannot expect Pakistani supporters in India to understand the significance of India as their only objective is to make India an Islamic Nation.