Canada tries to protect terrorists and murderers under the banner of ‘human rights’

  • Serious allegation by Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen
  • Canada is becoming a protective shield for murderer


Dhaka (Bangladesh) – Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen has made serious allegations, “Canada has become a hub for murderers. Canada provides shelter to criminals. Canada is like a protective shield for them. The murderers go to Canada and have a wonderful life”.

(Credits:India Today)

Speaking to an Indian English news channel, Abdul Momen added,

1. When Noor Chowdhury, the murderer of Bangladesh’s founder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman fled to Canada, Canada refused to extradite him to us. Canada is postponing Chowdhury’s extradition citing variety of excuses.

2. We also filed a petition in the Canadian Court to find out the main cause behind this stance of the Government there. We also tried to know whether he has been granted Canadian citizenship. The Court also gave a decision in this regard but the Government there is not telling us anything about Chowdhury, neither sending him back to Bangladesh.

3. Canada is trying to protect terrorists and murderers under the banner of ‘human rights’. Through this Canada is abusing the concept of human rights.

4. Canadian Government law states that, any individual if he is sent back to his own country, and if there is a capital punishment in that country, then they cannot extradite that individual. Canada may have such a law but its land should not become a protective shield for murderers.

5. Rashid Chowdhury, another killer of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, is living in the US. We hope that US will extradite him. The US had previously extradited a murderer.

Sri Lanka also slammed Canada after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused India of killing Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Canadian citizen. A few days ago, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Ali Sabry had alleged that, “terrorists have found safe haven in Canada”. He also said that Trudeau is accusing India without any evidence.

Editorial Perspective

If Canada is protecting terrorists and murderers in the name of alleged humanitarianism, the relevant countries must come forward to take action against it through the United Nations and the International Court of Justice.