Pakistanis account for 90% of beggars arrested worldwide

Prisons in Iraq and Saudi Arabia filled with Pakistanis

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistan’s Ministry of Human Resource Development Secretary, Zulfikar Haider, has revealed that a significant portion, approximately 90% of beggars arrested abroad are Pakistani citizens. The ambassadors of Iraq and Saudi Arabia informed, ‘We have no space left in our jails to detain such Pakistani nationals’. Due to this, the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia have been asked to be vigilant about the individuals of the Pakistan Haj pilgrim quota.

Most of the pickpockets arrested in Mecca are Pakistanis

Furthermore, it has come to light that a considerable number of pickpockets apprehended in revered places such as ‘Masjid al-Haram’ in Mecca are of Pakistani origin. The committee also said that the Middle East countries are particularly vulnerable to pickpocketing. (Why don’t fellow Muslims demand that such Pakistani Muslims who commit criminal acts even in the holiest places of their religion should be ‘punished for insulting Allah’? – Editor)

Saudi Arabia does not trust Pakistani workers

Saudi Arabia is unhappy with Pakistan as pickpockets and beggars from Pakistan are coming to Saudi Arabia with visas in the name of performing Hajj. Saudi citizens tend to favour Indian and Bangladeshi workers for skilled positions, as there is a lack of trust in the skills and reliability of Pakistani workers in these roles.

Editorial Perspectives

  • The subjects are a reflection of their King. In the case of Pakistan, where its leaders engage in international begging, it is not uncommon to see its citizens doing the same in foreign countries.
  • Instead of imprisoning Pakistan-lovers living in India, a more fitting punishment would be to send them to Pakistan.