Efforts for the creation of an online library based on ancient scriptures by the ‘Ved Education’ organisation

Efforts to create the world’s largest library

Mr Pratik Prajapati, Ved Education

Mumbai – In Gujarat, an institution named ‘Ved Education’ is making efforts to create the world’s largest online library of ancient scriptures. The organisation’s founder, Mr Pratik Prajapati, spoke with a representative of Sanatan Prabhat, “Today, there are thousands of different scriptures available on the internet. While bookstores offer various books, there are also hundreds of books based on the Bhagawadgeeta, Ramayan, Mahabharat, and more. Everyone tries to publish his or her own version, but determining which book is most suitable can be challenging. Against this background, we are developing a Ved Education Library App.”

For the purpose of propagating Dharma, Mr Prajapati, currently in Europe, mentioned that he has been actively working on this App for the past 8 months. The App we are building is going to be the most extensive and organised online Sanatan Library in the world. This App will encompass a wide range of content related to Sanatan Dharma, including the four Vedas, Bhagawadgeeta, Ramayan, Puran, Upapuran, Upanishad, Smriti, Niti, Samhita, Sutra, Agam, Nigam, Ayurveda, Jyotish, Vastu, Yoga, and more.

Mr Prajapati has made an appeal, saying,  “For the development of this App, I require financial support, and for this purpose, I appeal to the Hindus to contribute generously”.  Along with this, he has also invited people to visit the website ‘veducation.world/links‘ (mobile view only) to learn more about his work or contact him on 8690933769.

A brief introduction of Mr Pratik Prajapati

Mr Pratik Prajapati has been studying and researching Sanatan Shastras for the past 8 years. He aims to impart education on Sanatan Dharma to the youth and guide them on how to transform their lives through spiritual means. His books – Sanatan Sanskriti Ka Moolgyan and Vaidik Dincharya have been already published. These books have gained popularity especially among young readers, and are available on Amazon.

His upcoming book, titled Brahmacharya, is set to be published in the next month. In this book, he addresses issues such as masturbation, viewing porn, drug abuse, and how to overcome various challenges that youth face, providing solutions and guidance.

This work reflects Mr Pratik Prajapati’s dedication to educating and mentoring young individuals on Sanatan Dharma principles and helping them lead more balanced and spiritually fulfilling lives.