Shivalinga in Begusarai’s Shiva Temple vandalised by religious fanatic Muslims

  • Enraged mob vandalised shop of the accused
  • Police have not arrested the accused yet

Begusarai (Bihar) – The Shivalinga at the Shiva Temple near Khatopur Chowk was vandalised. In response, an angered mob vandalised the shop owned by the accused Muslim. This incident led to a blockage of the National Highway as local residents demanded the arrest of the accused. Consequently, traffic in the area was disrupted.

The Shiva Temple near Khatopur Chowk has been a part of the community since 1944. There is a Muslim settlement next to the temple. Locals allege that individuals from the Muslim community consume alcohol in the vicinity of the temple and discard meat, actions that have drawn opposition in the past but have often gone unaddressed. (It would not be wrong if someone says that Bihar is not in India but Pakistan. If someone had done this to a mosque, there would have been violence in the first instance and the Government would have taken immediate action against the accused. – Editor) On the night of 22nd September, Muslims gathered in the temple, consumed alcohol and then vandalised the Shivalinga. The residents also asserted that they were abused for asking the accused to stop consuming alcohol and meat inside the temple premises.

Editorial Viewpoint

The rise of the ‘Jungle Raj’ in Bihar has led to incidents like these, where a lack of fear of the law contributes to such events.

No action was taken by the Police against the accused

The residents claimed that even though the accused had been identified, the Police were not taking any action. (Does this Police belong to India or Pakistan? Why should Hindus pay taxes for such inactive Police? – Editor)