Special Editorial : Trudeau’s ill conceived gamble !

Trudeau’s tryst with controversies

Indo-Canada relations were already rocky. Now they are on a rapid downward trajectory due to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s support for Khalistani terrorism. Trudeau was given the cold shoulder at the recent G-20 summit in Delhi, held under India’s stewardship. On his return to Canada, Trudeau levelled accusations against India, holding the Indian government responsible for the June killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Khalistani terrorist. A senior official of the Indian High Commission was ordered to leave the country resulting in a diplomatic nightmare. So it would not be amiss to think, that may have something to do with the ‘welcome’ he received at the G20 summit. India responded in kind by expelling an official from the Canadian High Commission in India. Such accusations and counter-accusations may be a part and parcel of international politics. But this particular incident has raised eyebrows (and tempers) because Canada, which invaded other countries to assist their allies, levelled accusations against a sovereign country like India which minds its own business.

Will Trudeau come to his senses ?

Trudeau’s bold accusations are not completely unexpected. He is desperate for votes, especially Sikh votes. Currently his post, and possibly his political future, are in the hands of political ally New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, who has played kingmaker with his 25 MPs. Jagmeet Singh is a known Khalistani sympathiser. The NDP and Trudeau’s Liberal Party of Canada are in a bid to garner as many Sikh votes as possible, and why not? There are 8 lakh Sikhs in Canada. Jagmeet and the Khalistani organisations operating in Canada like to pretend that all these Sikhs are for Khalistan. But the reality is far from it. It is the ISI that is pulling the strings here. Trudeau, in his desperation for votes, has turned blind and deaf to this fact, and this desperation is where the accusation against India stems from.

Attack on a Hindu temple in Canada in February 2023

Canada is proud of the freedom of expression that its citizens enjoy. That is probably why it does not object to the Khalistani anti-India rhetoric. Fair enough. These Khalistanis attacked over 12 Hindu temples in Canada, sprayed anti-India statements and threats, stormed the Indian High Commission in Canada a few months ago and indulged in violence. Vikram Sood, the former head of the Indian intelligence organisation RAW, has questioned Canada and Trudeau’s duplicity in tolerating such violence in the name of freedom of expression. Trudeau once tweeted – The death of Ayman al-Zawahiri is a step toward a safer world. Canada will keep working with our global partners to counter terrorist threats, promote peace and security, and keep people here at home and around the world safe. So one wonders why Trudeau takes the Khalistani threat lightly.

This is not a newfound love for Khalistanis. Canada has had a history of supporting the Khalistanis since the time of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. India of the 80s was a far cry from present-day India. Today, India is poised to emerge as a global superpower. So Trudeau and Canada’s anti-India stance is nothing short of hara-kiri. But the question is, who will tell them that?

(Credits : ANI)

India is seeking permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council. Canada is not a permanent member of this council and won’t be one for the next 100 years atleast. Therefore, there is no question of Canada using veto power to curtail India’s aspirations, like China frequently does. India has revisited its foreign policy to gradually grow its soft power. One example was India’s independent and nationalistic stance in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. The recently concluded G20 Summit was a display of India’s diplomatic prowess. India has emerged as the voice of the Global South. Developed countries too have been stung by China’s selfish actions. China has plunged poor countries into the abyss of financial crisis. So developing nations repose their faith in India, and believe India will never act this way. India is en route to being recognised as the saviour of the poor. Because of this, superpowers like the USA, Russia, France and England have preferred to be cautious about the deteriorating relationship between India and Canada. The US expressed concern over the situation in Canada without mentioning India. The US would want to avoid upsetting Canada, but it speaks volumes when it avoids mentioning India. England made it clear that Canada’s allegations against India would have no effect on Indo-England trade relations. This shows that India is just not becoming a centre of global power, but shaping or restructuring the world order.

On the economic front, India has overtaken the Canadian economy years ago and is poised to overtake Japan and Germany over the next five years. Looking at India’s huge market, India does not need Canada as much as it needs us.

An empowered India !

Credits : New Indian Express

India faces the problem of dealing with international powers that are trying to undermine India’s territorial integrity by cleaving Punjab. America, England and Australia are turning into Khalistani terror bases. Their heads of state have now begun to recognise the fact that modern India will do everything it takes to protect national interests. So it is just a matter of time that they will bow to India’s ‘requests’ to end Khalistani terror and act. When all is said and done, the world will remember that playing to the Khalistani gallery made Justin Trudeau a laughing stock.

Trudeau’s pathetic effort to subdue an empowered India is enough to make him a global laughing stock.