Ukrainian citizens find solace in Hindu Dharma’s yoga and meditation amidst war

Decision to attain peace as war takes its toll

(Credits : Economic Times)

Kyiv (Ukraine) – Amidst the ongoing turmoil and constant shelling from Russian artillery, many Ukrainians are seeking refuge in the practices of Hindu Dharma, namely yoga and meditation. In the major cities of the country, a growing number of individuals are coming together every morning to engage in yoga sessions. One such yoga center is located in the city of Kramatorsk, Donetsk region. For 3 days a week, people gather in a basement here and practice meditation and yoga, accompanied by calming Sattvik music.
In this regard, Serhii Zaloznyi, a 52-year-old yoga instructor, pointed out that the external world for these people is characterised by turbulence, with their minds frequently disturbed by the recurring bomb explosions. The people yearn for peace, and they find solace and tranquillity through the practice of yoga.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • On one hand, the Western world embraces the profound teachings of Hindu Dharma, finding peace and joy in their lives through it, while on the other, some Hindus in India distance themselves from it, self-identifying as progressives.
  • What do the myopic political leaders who talk about eradicating Sanatan Dharma have to say about this ?