TN Pollution Control Board closes down a few Shri Ganesh Idol sheds in Tamil Nadu

  • The board claims taking action because Idols were made of Plaster of Paris (PoP)
  • Sculptors say Idols were water-dissoluble

(Credits : Senthilnathan X Post)

Chennai – The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) Government of Tamil Nadu started closing down a few places where Shri Ganesh Idols were made in the background of the forthcoming Shri Ganesh Festival. Hindus are enraged by such an action of the State Government just 2–3 days before the start of Shri Ganesh Festival. The State PCB forced to close down a few workshops in the Sungagate area of Karur, where Idols were made. PCB, along with the State Revenue Department and Police, suddenly decided to conduct a survey at these places and closed them down. There were 400 Ganesh Idols. PCB has informed that a complaint was received about the Idols being made of PoP, after which such an action was taken. The video of PCB’s action has become viral on social media. The incident has also been opposed on social media.

Idol-making workshop of a BJP worker also closed down

A few days back, an Idol-making workshop was raided at Tenkasi and a case was filed against the owner of the workshop who was a BJP worker, alleging that the Idols were made of PoP. Though a worker assured that the Idols were made from the water-soluble soil, still such an action was taken.

Action being taken despite Idols being non-polluting

While being questioned about the incident by the local media, the artisan said, “We have been making Ganesh Idols for 10 years. We use chalkpiece powder to make the Idols. It dissolves in water. Officers came saw the samples. They said the Idols are not of good quality. They saw before two days. The paint in the powder is water paint. They sealed our shed. There is not chemical mix. No external mix, no oil paint colours too. It is normal water paint.”

“About 160 to 170 idols are here. I have availed a loan for interest and invested Rs 10 lakh. I have borrowed from relatives and friends. Have to pay balance amount for food too,” he added.

Another woman from the same family cried helplessly as she appealed for consideration. “All these years they did not say anything. Only now they are saying this. If they had told us 20 days earlier we would have taken the idols elsewhere.

Attempts to destroy Hindus’ businesses – BJP

Tamil Nadu BJP President K Annamalai has accused the DMK of hurting the sentiments of practitioners of Sanatan Dharma and also hurting the economy.

“By disrupting the business of people dependent on the outcomes our festivities offer, DMK is not only hurting the feelings of the practitioners of Sanatana Dharma but also stopping the multiplier effect in the local economy. With Vinayagar Chaturthi a few days away, this clampdown by the corrupt DMK govt is highly condemnable,” Annamalai wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

DMK has crossed all limits of opposing Sanatan Dharma – Local pro-Hindu organisations

The Hindu community at large have accused the DMK of undermining Hindus and Hindu festivals. Representatives from Hindu organisations have reportedly claimed that they had placed orders for 120 Ganesh Idols and that the sudden sealing of the unit appears to be a conspiracy to hurt Hindu sentiments.

The DMK has crossed all limits in its campaign against Sanatan Dharma. The party seems to have strategically unleashed hatred on Hindus ever since Udhayanidhi Stalin called for an end to Sanatan Dharma.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • What else can be expected from Tami Nadu’s DMK Government, which has openly declared its goal of eradicating Sanatan Dharma, other than taking such an action under the guise of pollution control ?
  • Will the Pollution Control Board (PCB) take such prompt action against factories responsible for polluting water by releasing chemical effluents in water resources ?