Devout Hindus expel Christian missionaries attempting Hindu conversions in a village within Kudal Tehsil

  • Conversion of Hindus in Sindhudurg District too
  • Division within Hindu Households due to Christian missionaries
  • Conflicts arising in some homes due to removal of Deity Idols

(Credits : OpIndia)

Sindhudurg (Maharashtra) – In a village within Kudal Tehsil, Christian missionaries have been trying to convert Hindus through prayer meetings for the last 2 years. Unfortunately, this has led to conflicts and divisions within Hindu households due to the influence of these missionaries. Consequently, the peaceful atmosphere in the community has been tainted. Enraged by this, the ‘Dharmabhimani’ villagers reprimanded the Christian missionaries and warned them against returning to the village.

1. Over the past two years, a group of Christian missionaries has taken up residence in a rented house within a village settlement, conducting prayer meetings. These gatherings typically involved around 10 to 12 people, including some individuals from outside the village.

2. Some Hindus who attended these prayer meetings removed Idols of their Deities from their homes, resulting in family disputes and a strained environment. The sense of familial harmony was also disrupted.

3. Upon learning of these incidents, devout Hindus from the village confronted the missionaries during their prayer meetings, questioning their presence in a Hindu settlement and the need for Christian prayers there. They stated, “Why don’t you conduct your prayers in your Church ? Your presence has severely polluted the religious, family, and social atmosphere of our settlement.”

4. In response, one of the missionaries gave evasive answers, further infuriating the ‘Dharmabhimani’ villagers. They demanded that the missionaries immediately vacate the village. Some villagers reported that these pastors make derogatory statements about Deity Ganesh and mocked Hindu Deities.

5. A person, who did not want to be named, revealed that there was information about outsiders planning to come to the village to convert Hindus. On the evening of 10th September, as per this information, missionaries and some converted Hindus arrived in the settlement. A few villagers apprehended them and handed them over to the Police. However, a woman and her children from the settlement sided with the missionaries and converts against the entire village, attempting to escalate the matter by filing an online complaint. Upon learning of this, the villagers promptly visited the Police Station, met with Police Officers, and provided an account of the incident. Subsequently, the Police mediated and brought understanding to both sides.

Villagers demand action against those attempting to convert Hindus

Recognising the gravity of the situation, the villagers immediately convened a meeting (at the Village Deity Shri Dev Ravalnath temple of Ranbambuli). The Police officers in attendance urged everyone to maintain peace and order. During this meeting, the villagers called for strict measures to prevent missionaries or converts from other Districts from entering the village and creating religious discord, thereby disturbing law and order. They called upon the Government to take decisive action against such individuals.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Congratulations to the devout Hindus who unitedly raised their voices against the conversion of Hindus. Devout Hindus elsewhere should also follow in their footsteps.
  • If Hindu religious institutions impart ‘Dharmashikshan’ (Education on Dharma) to Hindus, their ‘Dharmabhiman’ (Pride for Dharma) will increase and then no one will dare to convert them.