Hindu students tempted to convert to Christianity in St. Anthony School, Hapur (UP)

  • Tilak’ wiped off from their forehead  Parents complain to police
  • Opposition by parents and pro-Hindu organisations force the teachers to apologise

(Credits : Hindu Post)

Hapur (Uttar Pradesh) – In St. Anthony Senior Secondary School in Tatarpur, Hapur District, parents of Hindu students have complained to the school authorities about the teachers wiping off the ‘tilak’ from the students’ foreheads. The teachers also insulted Hindu Deities and tried to influence the students against Hinduism, coercing them to convert to Christianity. The students were even threatened with expulsion from the school if they told their parents about it. On getting information about the incident, activists of pro-Hindu organisations gathered outside the school. After the opposition and condemnation by parents and pro-Hindu organisations, the school management produced the concerned teachers in front of them and asked the teachers to take an oath to not do these things in the future and to apologise to parents for their actions. The pro-Hindu organisations accused the school management of trying to suppress the issue.

Girish Tyagi, a leader of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) accused many people associated with the missionaries of trying to convert students and mentally harassing them, demanding action by the school administration against these people.

The parents have lodged online complaints with the state’s Chief minister, the ‘Child Welfare Association’, and the primary school education officer. Mukesh Chand, the additional Superintendent of Police of Hapur, said that an inquiry would be conducted, and necessary action would be taken against those concerned.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • All convent schools in the country expose the Hindu students to Christian values and religion and promote that they inculcate them. It has been exposed many years ago . The Government needs to pass strict laws along with taking stringent action against such schools.
  • Hindu parents sending their children to such schools also need to consider these things. Hindu institutions and organisations should open schools for Hindu children to get a proper education and follow their own Dharma.