Kolkata High Court admonishes Govt for denying permission to celebrate Shri Ganesh Festival at the venue of Durga-puja

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Kolkata (Bengal) – ‘Asansol Durgapur Development Authority (ADDA)’ declined permission to celebrate Shri Ganesh Festival on the Government’s land at Asansol in Bengal. Kolkata High Court admonished ADDA, saying that the decision of ADDA to decline permission was ridiculous. It is a violation of Article 14 of the Constitution. If permission can be given for Durga-puja which is also a Hindu festival, why can’t permission be given for ‘puja’ of other Deities worshipped by Hindus or religious festivals celebrated in other religions ? No person should be deprived of the fundamental right of individual freedom.

The permission was sought for the celebration of Shri Ganesh Festival on the land which is under the control of ADDA. While refusing permission, ADDA stated that permission could not be granted for celebrating Shri Ganesh Festival. It is worth noting that Durga-puja is organised at the same venue and other Government events are also held at this place.

The organisers of Shri Ganesh Festival filed a petition in Court seeking permission. The Court asked for the opinion of the State Government, and the Government opined that the demand could be considered.

ADDA said that there was no custom of celebrating Shri Ganesh Festival in Bengal. This festival is neither secular nor cultural, like Durga-puja.

Editorial Viewpoint

Why permission for Hindus’ other Deities’ ‘puja’ cannot be granted when permission is given for Durga-puja’ ? Hindus feel that such Government authority should be punished by the Court.