Sanatan Dharma divided the country in the name of Castes : Tamil Nadu State Assembly Speaker Appavu’s bizzare fabrication

Tamil Nadu State Assembly Speaker Appavu

Chennai – Tamil Nadu State Assembly Speaker Appavu recently made a controversial statement, accusing Sanatan Dharma of dividing this country based on Caste.

He was addressing students when he said that it was the Britishers who gave rights to keep land to everybody in 1795, while earlier ‘Shudras (Lower castes)’ didn’t have rights to keep land. He also said that in 1835, Lord Macaulay made education available to all. (If the British allowed everyone, including the ‘Shudras’ to own land in 1795, why were the ‘Shudras’ still without land even after 150 years, in 1947 ? The claim that Lord Macaulay made education facilities available for all in 1835 is completely wrong, because Macaulay wanted to create slaves out of Indians, for which, he eliminated the prevailing ‘Gurukul’ education system of that time and started an education system to make clerks out of Indians. The harm caused due to his policies is still affecting India. – Editor)

Appavu said further, “They will claim that Sanatan Dharma has enriched this Nation. We were kept away, treated as slaves, and a situation was created for us where we were not given any rights and were treated as slaves. The Dravidian model Government of Periyar, Anna Karunanidhi, and now, Chief Minister MK Stalin has developed the State.”

Regarding NEET, Appavu said that it is an unnecessary exam. He said, “NEET is against our education system. I still believe that CM Stalin will remove NEET. If the candidate fielded against BJP is sent to Delhi, that will bring a change. Then CM Stalin will remove NEET from the Government”. (Will it be wrong for people to say that such politicians do not have the Nation’s interests at heart ? And, only politics matters ! – Editor)