DMK stands for deadly disease like Dengue, Malaria, Kosu 

  • DMK stands for Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam – a party for the Dravida progress
  • Criticism by K Annamalai , BJP’s Tamil Nadu State President

K Annamalai (left), Udhayanidhi Stalin (right) (Credit : Organiser)

Chennai – K Annamalai, the President of the Tamil Nadu unit of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has tweeted for the eradication of DMK, the abbreviation for – Dengue, Malaria and Kosu (Mosquito). This was a response to Udhayanidhi Stalin comparing Sanatan Dharma with Dengue, Malaria and Covid. Further, he said if there is anything that needs to be finished in Tamil Nadu, it is the DMK.

K Annamalai shared an 11-minute and 18-second long video on X (formerly Twitter) in response to CM Stalin’s comment about Sanatan Dharma. Towards the end of the rebuttal video, Annamalai challenged the DMK to contest the coming election on the issue of Sanatan Dharma.

He said, “The DMK says they will abolish Sanatan Dharma, we say we will protect Sanatan Dharma. We know the DMK drama. In the first year of your power, you oppose Sanatan Dharma, in the second year, you say abolish Sanatan Dharma. In the third year, you want to brutally root out Sanatan Dharma. But the fourth year, you say you are a Hindu and 90% of your members are Hindu. In the fifth year, you say you are also a Hindu. So, Tamil Nadu has seen this drama for many years.”