Birmingham, the second largest city in Britain declared itself bankrupt

(Photo Credits : Punjab E-News)

London (Britain) – Birmingham, the second-biggest city in Britain, declared itself bankrupt on Tuesday, shutting down all non-essential spending after being issued with equal pay claims totalling up to $954 million. The Birmingham City Council filed a Section 114 notice on Tuesday, halting all spending except for essential services.

Against the backdrop of the crisis, the notice said, the council is prevented from entering into any new agreement or commitment for expenditure and all non-essential expenditure will now stop with immediate effect. In the notice, the city council said it was currently in a negative general fund position because of the cost of providing for equal pay claims. The claims, it said, would result in exceeding the financial resources available to the council. This means that spending due within that period exceeded the financial resources available to the council in that same period.

The Birmingham City Council provides services for more than ten lakh people.

Editorial Viewpoint

Britain has looted Bharat for 200 years and if a city in Britain reaches this level, what is wrong if someone thinks that it is Karma, that is, Divine Justice ?

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