Ties with India stable : China

China’s President Xi Jinping and India Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Beijing (China) – The G20 Summit will be held in Delhi on 9 th -10 th September. India is presiding over this conference. Since China’s President Xi Jinping is not attending this conference, in his place, Li Keqiang Prime Minister of China will attend, many conclusions are being drawn at global level.

China’s Foreign Ministry has issued a statement, in which it has said that we have always welcomed India presiding over Summit conference. We are prepared to work with all the members to make it successful. Relations between India and China are stable, and we are having discussions at various levels.

Talking about the effect of India-China relations at the Summit meeting, Jake Sullivan (National Security Advisor of US) said, we feel, India will be able to influence China to participate in the Summit and discuss important matters, like it has done with all the other members.

Editorial Viewpoint

Who will believe this statement of China ? There has always been a difference between what China says and what it does.

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