When Prime Minister Modi also says ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’, it does not mean ‘to kill someone’ : Udhayanidhi Stalin

DMK leader and Tamil Nadu Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin stands by his remarks about eradicating Sanatan Dharma

Udhayanidhi Stalin (Credit : India Posts English)

Chennai – Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu MK Stalin’s son Udhayanidhi Stalin still stands by his remarks about eradicating Sanatan Dharma. He said, “when PM Modi says ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’, does that mean Congressmen should be killed ? BJP is scared of the INDIA Alliance and to divert attention, they are saying all this. DMK’s policy is ‘One Clan, One God’ “.

‘Sanatan Dharma should be eradicated’, I will say this again and again : Udhayanidhi Stalin

Udhayanidhi further said, “I am saying again that I have only criticised Sanatan Dharma and I will keep saying that ‘Sanatan Dharma should be eradicated’. Few are being childish saying I invited for genocide while others are saying that Dravidam should be abolished. Does that mean DMKians should be killed ? What is Sanatan ? ‘Sanatan means nothing should be changed and everything is permanent’, but the Dravida model calls for change and all should be equal”.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • If Udhayanidhi thinks that finishing off someone does not mean killing, then why does he not talk about abolishing the religion which spreads Jihadi terrorism that is wreaking havoc all over the world ?
  • Stalin should explain the public why does he want to eradicate this Dharma when Sanatan Dharma has never called for terrorism nor has Sanatan Dharma followers ever acted like this in its millions of years of history.