Amazon selling book depicting Shri Mahakali Mata being hanged on its cover page

Opposition from pro-Hindu organisations

(The above picture has been posted to highlight the denigration and has no intention

to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. – Editor)

New Delhi – The e-commerce giant, Amazon has repeatedly sold goods that insult Hindu Deities. Amazon removed them from sale every time Hindus objected to it, but it continues to sell such items again and again. There is now denigration of Shri Mahakali Mata. Amazon has now kept a book titled ‘Kali Maa: A Collection of Short Stories’. The cover of this book depicts Shri Mahakali Mata being hanged. The author of the book is EL T. Fullah from the US. Amazon said, “Although this book is not available for sale in India, it may be sold in India in the future”. The sale of this book has now started being opposed by pro-Hindu organisations. Reactions are being expressed against this book on social media.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Amazon is repeatedly selling material that denigrates Hindu Deities, hence, the Government of India should take strict action against it.
  • If Amazon had done the same with respect to other religions, we know what would have happened.