India should return Britain’s financial aid : Patrick Christys, GBN news reporter

Chandrayaan-3’s success disheartens a reporter of a news channel in Britain

Patrick Christys, a reporter for an English news channel GBN

London (England) – India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission’s success has been applauded all over the world, while some people are also upset due to it. Talking about the news of Chandrayaan-3, Patrick Christys, a reporter for an English news channel GBN, said, ‘India should return the financial aid given by Britain. Britain should not give aid to countries that have their own space missions’. Christys’ remarks faced a strong backlash from Indian netizens on social media.

Christys said, ‘I would like to congratulate India on landing on the dark side of the Moon. I would also like to invite India to return the 2.3 billion pounds (more than ₹24,000 crores) of foreign aid money that we sent them between 2016 and 2021. We are also set to give them 57 million pounds (₹595 crore) next year. People of our country should not do this. We should not be giving money to a country with a space programme’.

Christys added that if you (India) can afford to fire a rocket to the dark side of the moon, then you should not ask us for money. India reportedly has 229 million people living in poverty, but it is also the fifth-largest economy in the world. (It is obvious that India overtaking Britain in the economic race has disappointed its correspondent with a jaundiced view of India hatred! – Editor) India’s annual GDP is around $3.75 trillion (roughly ₹250 lakh crores). Why are we paying to help the poverty-stricken Indians when their own Government won’t bother?

Britain should return ₹3,719 lakh crore rupees to India

The Indians have aptly refuted the remarks made by Patrick Christys. A user named Shashank Shekhar Jha wrote an insightful tweet and said, ‘Britain, should return the $44.997 trillion (₹3,719 lakh crore rupees) looted from India. Thank you for reminding us about the grant. Deduct $2.5 billion from the $45 trillion looted and return the rest to us’.

Editorial Viewpoint

It is time to tell the descendants of Britain’s colonial thugs that their country was built from the money looted from the world.