Police officers’ sons arrested in Palghar for creating explicit videos

Misuse of Artificial Intelligence

Palghar (Maharashtra) – Two young men have been apprehended in this location for producing explicit videos involving numerous girls and women using Artificial Intelligence technology. They are aged 19 and 21 respectively, and their parents serve as Police officers within the Mumbai Police force. These illicit videos were subsequently distributed across various social media platforms. The matter came to light when two young women lodged a formal complaint with the Police. Shockingly, these young men even resorted to physically assaulting the girls who protested their actions. (Displaying an arrogant demeanour, the youths exhibited complete disregard for decency. – Editor).

Editorial Viewpoint

Police personnel are entrusted with the vital role of upholding law and order while also curbing crime within society. This incident underscores the importance of their vigilance towards the behaviour and actions of their own children. If they struggle to prevent wrongdoing within their own homes, how can they effectively combat crime in the larger community ?