If re-elected as President again, will impose reciprocal taxes on Indian products

  • Former US President Donald Trump threatens India
  • The case of Indian products being sold in the US with minimal taxes 

Washington (USA) – Former US President Donald Trump has once again criticised India for levying high taxes on US products. He warned India that he would impose a reciprocal tax on India when he comes to power the next year. He said, call it revenge or whatever you want. During the first term of Trump’s presidency, he called India the ‘tariff king’. He had earlier criticised that ‘India has not allowed the US to access its markets in a fair and reasonable manner’.

Trump said in an interview,

“The other thing I want to have is a matching tax where, if India charges us – India is very big with tariffs. I mean, I saw it with Harley-Davidson. I was saying, how do you do in a place like India ? Oh, no good sir. Why ? They have 100% and 150% and 200% tariffs”.

“So, I said, so they can sell their Indian motorbike. They actually make a bike, an Indian motorbike. They can sell that into our country with no tax, no tariff, but when you make a Harley, when you send it over there — because they were doing no business. I said, how come you don’t do business with India ? The tariff is so high that nobody wants it.”

Editorial Viewpoint 

Indians will not budge under such bullying from the US. India is aware that the US needs the Indian market.

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