Chinese Army infiltrated into India : Rahul Gandhi

BJP accuses Rahul Gandhi of conspiring against Nation

New Delhi – Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is on a tour to Ladakh. On 20th August, in Pangong, while paying homage to his father and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on his death anniversary, Rahul Gandhi commented on BJP Government. Rahul Gandhi said, “Chinese Army has already infiltrated Indian border and the locals will give you complete information.” In response to this BJP Leader Raveendra Raina said, that no one has courage to snatch away India’s land. Rahul Gandhi is conspiring against India. He is only weakening morale of Indian Army.

Union Minister and BJP leader Jyotiraditya Shinde also has commented on Congress. He said that the same Congress had given a slogan of ‘Hindi-Chini bhai- bhai’ and let China take away 45,000 sqkm of India’s land.