Retired teacher shot dead in broad daylight

  • Jungle Raj continues in Bihar
  • He was a witness to the murder of his own son

Begusarai (Bihar) – Two days after journalist Vimal Yadav was shot dead in his home in Araria, Bihar, a retired teacher was shot dead in Begusarai. Jawahar Chaudhary was identified as the murdered teacher. Chaudhary’s younger son was shot dead in a land dispute two years ago. This murder was witnessed by him. Murderers came on a bike and shot Jawahar Chaudhary as he was out for a morning walk. He died on the spot.

Editorial viewpoint

It is evident from this incident that Bihar lacks law and order. In the State, the Government of
Janata Dal (United) and Rashtriya Janata Dal has failed to maintain law and order, and people
should hold them accountable.