Christian Kuki terrorists are firing daily at the Meitei Hindu community

  • Five times more Meitei families displaced as compared to the displaced Kuki families
  • Manipur Police’s 100 Commando force stationed on the Manipur Myanmar border to prevent Myanmar’s terrorist from entering Manipur to assist the Kukis

Imphal (Manipur) – The fight between the Christian Kuki terrorists and the Hindu Meitei that has been going on for the past 3 months, is showing no sign of abating. The so called protectors of the village, the Kuki terrorist’s are shooting at the Meitei villagers. This is happening mostly in the villages near the capital Imphal and the villages that are in the valley at the base of the Garo hills. This information is given in the tweet of the ‘Meitei Heritage Society’. It is also being said that these incidents are happening continuously from the 3rd of May.

A video of such an incident is circulating on the social media. In it, a journalist is seen interviewing a Meitei women, at that time itself they are fired upon, luckily both the journalist and the women escaped unhurt.

100 commandos of the Manipur Police were stranded in Moreh town on the Myanmar border.  They are keeping a strict watch at the border. They are running short of food and water at their post. Still they are standing like an impregnable wall protecting Manipur from illegal migrants and terrorists from Myanmar. The information received is that when the Manipur Government tries to buttress the supplies of these commandos, the Kuki women block the Government supply chain.

Questions are being asked about the policy of the central security agencies. It is said that inspite of the Union Home Minister’s instructions, 718 infiltrators from Myanmar have been allowed entry into Manipur.

According to the Government statistics compared to the Kuki tribes more Meitei people have been displaced from their homes. Compared to the displaced Kuki families the displaced Meitei families are 5 times more. Government statistics says that in the last 8 years, 280 Meitei families have left their homes. Compared to this only 59 Kuki families have been displaced in that period.

The Kuki people support the Kuki terrorist activity. They say that as the Manipur Government is targeting them, this is their form of retaliation.

Editorial Viewpoint

Kuki Terrorists, drug smuggling cartels, terrorists of Myanmar who want to instigate unrest in Manipur are the cause of the Manipur violence. Realising this fact it is extremely necessary that India take strict and firm action against the perpetrators of this violence in Manipur.