BJP worker killed in Bengal !

BJP accuses goons of the Trinamool Congress of the murder as they were not paying them their extortion

Islampur (Bengal) – Recently Asim Saha a BJP worker was killed in Bengal. Saha was a cloth merchant. The assailants barged into Saha’s shop and stabbed him to death. The BJP has accused the workers of the Trinamool Congress to be the suspects behind this murder. Due to this incident, the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha called for a 12-hour shutdown. Surjit Sen the BJP District president for North Dinajpur has alleged that goons from the Trinamool Congress were demanding payment from Asim Saha. Saha was murdered after he refused to pay them their instalments. In fact, nobody in this area can conduct any business without paying these goons. The administration turns a blind eye towards this. Today their victim is Saha tomorrow it could be anyone else.

Editorial Viewpoint

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is turning a blind eye while the law and order situation in her State is deteriorating day by day. The people now feel that the Union Government should dissolve her Government and impose President’s Rule in Bengal !

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