The Netherlands on the brink of destruction due to Muslim refugees : Geert Wilders 

MP from the Netherlands expressed agony 

File photo (Credit : Reuters)

Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Geert Wilders, President of the political party ‘Party for Freedom’ expressed agony while speaking at an event organised here. He said the Netherlands is on the brink of destruction due to Muslim refugees. Millions of citizens here face terrible hardships due to them. Yesterday, a case hearing was held against a Muslim refugee from Iran. His repatriation hearing was conducted for the third time. This Iranian refugee poured boiling oil on 2 Dutch citizens working at a refugee center, making their situation miserable. This would not have happened if this accused had been repatriated at the time of the first case. This is the failure of the Netherlands Government. This is very outrageous. The situation is getting out of hand due to refugees.

Wilders further added that Muslim refugees defecate on the streets. A refugee showed his genitalia to an 11-year-old Dutch girl. These guys masturbate in front of Dutch girls in public. Abuse of women, stalking, and harassing school girls has increased. The cashiers in the ‘supermarket’ are threatened by refugees with ‘cut-throat’ signs and the goods are being looted for free. Dutch citizens cannot get out at night because of all these incidents.

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