‘A girl is such a thing that can even make Vishwamitra slip !’ : Infuriating remark by Sarwar Chisti

Sarwar Chisti (Secretary of Organisation of Khadims of Ajmer Dargah) makes horrible statement while opposing the movie, ‘Ajmer 92’

Sarwar Chisti, Secretary of Anjuman Syed Zadgan

Ajmer (Rajasthan) – “Man cannot become corrupt only because of money or values. A girl is such a thing who can make even a person of the highest stature slip. Even someone like Vishwamitra can lose control. (Rushi Vishwamitra married Apsara Menaka. Later having practised severe penance, he managed to overcome all the cardinal sins and became a Brahmarushi. Why do Muslims who pass indecent comments on Hindu Rushis, forget to mention this ? – Editor) Also, all the Babas who are in jail are locked up in cases involving girls. This topic is such that all end up losing control”, stated Sarwar Chisti, the Secretary of Anjuman Syed Zadgan, an organisation of Khadims of Ajmer Dargah, as seen in a video being circulated on social media. It is being said that this video is of 4th June. Sarwar Chisti made the above statements in the context of ‘Ajmer 92’, a movie based on events of sexual exploitation of several Hindu girls that took place in Ajmer in 1992.  This movie which is going to be released on 14th July is based on sexual exploitation of Hindu girls by some lust-driven men from the Chisti family, in 1992.

Syed Gulam Kibriya of ‘Anjuman Syed Zadgan’

Referring to the issue, Syed Gulam Kibriya of ‘Anjuman Syed Zadgan’ said that people of all faiths come to Ajmer Dargah. It is wrong if such statements are being made from here. I have not seen this video as yet. After watching the video, action will be taken as per the rules. Our society respects women and girls.

Neeraj Jain, Deputy Mayor of Ajmer

Neeraj Jain, the Deputy Mayor of Ajmer city said that the statement made by Sarwar Chisti shows his filthy attitude towards women. Sarwar considers women to be only objects of gratification, which is an insult to the dignity of women. The Khadim community and the Police should take action against him for making such statements.

(Credit : Times Now)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • The Police should arrest and imprison those who hurt Hindus’ sentiments by referring to Rushis while supporting the sexual exploitation of Hindu girls by the Dargah caretakers.
  • Several incidents of sexual exploitation of Muslim boys and girls by Maulavis in madarasas have come to light. It is to be noted that Chisti keeps mum on these incidents and those of Muslim religious fanatics raping their own daughters, sisters and daughters-in-law !
  • Such lust driven Muslims do not get severely punished because they are in India; had they been in radical Islamic countries like Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, they would have been publicly hanged as per Sharia law.
  • Why does not Chisti speak about lust driven Muslims not sparing even cows, goats, dogs, besides girls ?
  • Why does not Chisti speak about rich old Muslims from Saudi Arabia coming to Hyderabad city to marry little girls of poor Muslim families and taking them to their country to fulfil their own sexual desires ?

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