Anti-cow slaughter and anti-hijab laws could be withdrawn in Karnataka : Priyank Kharge

Fatwa of Karnataka Congress Minister Priyank Kharge

Congress Minister Priyank Kharge

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – ‘The anti-cow slaughter law introduced by the previous State Government is harming Karnataka’s economy. Hence, anti-cow slaughter law could be withdrawn. The anti-hijab law may also be withdrawn’, said Priyank Kharge, a minister in the newly elected Congress Government in Karnataka. According to him, ban on hijab is affecting social development.

Kharge further said that the Congress Government focuses on economy and not politics. (Congress is proposing to get financial benefits from cow-slaughter. It has been proven that economic benefits of preserving cows are several times higher than those from the cow-slaughter; but the Congress party will still encourage cow-slaughter to please Muslims ! – Editor) Both these laws could be withdrawn in the next two years to reduce the fiscal deficit of the state. (There are many other ways to reduce the fiscal deficit; but the Congress party will only find ways, which appease Muslims – Editor).

(Credit : India Today)

Editorial Viewpoint

Hindus of Karnataka who voted anti-Hindu Congress party to power have no option but to suffer.

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