Sweden declares sexual intercourse as ‘sport’

First Sex Championship to be held in Sweden from 8th June

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Stockholm (Sweden) – European country Sweden has declared sexual intercourse as a sport. It has also organised the first ever ‘European Sex Championship’ at Gothenburg. The European Sex Championship which will start on 8 June and span over a period of six weeks with participants engaging in sexual activities from 45 minutes to 1 hour daily, depending upon the duration of their matches. ‘Swedish Federation of Sex’ has organised the event. Three judges and audience ratings would decide the winner. Participants will compete in 16 disciplines related to sexual intercourse. Dragan Bratych, President of Swedish Federation of Sex, said, ‘Declaring sexual intercourse as a sport would help in physical and mental well being’.

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Editorial Viewpoint

Western countries have degraded morally since a long time; but they seem to have reached the extremity. Indians follow westerners blindly. Hence, one need not be surprised if such a competition is held in India some day in future.

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