Professor Afifullah Khan of the Aligarh Muslim University accused of sexually harassing a student

  • Her plight was ignored by the registrar of the University even after filing a complaint
  • The Police however have registered a case

Afifullah Khan

Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh) – Afifullah Khan a professor at the Aligarh Muslim University (‘AMU’) has been accused of sexual harassment. The Police have registered a case against this incident. The victim concerned was a student pursuing a PhD at the University. When she went to submit her thesis, the accused professor made obscene demands from her. When the victim complained to the registrar of the university on 2nd May, it was ignored. Finally, on 27th May, after filing a complaint with the Police, a case was registered against the professor.

(Credit : CampusNews 24×7)

The victim stated that she has been pursuing her PhD from the university since 2017. She said ‘For the last 5 years the accused Prof. Khan kept teasing me. Touching me inappropriately, calling me to his office at odd hours, unnecessarily sitting intimately beside me when studying and making inappropriate comments about my clothes and jewellery. Initially, I ignored him, but later I started opposing his inappropriate gestures. Finally, on 1st May when I went to submit my final thesis, Professor Khan, who initially said that all my work was correct from 6 months, suddenly started contradicting me and saying that my research was wrong. Then he started making obscene demands from me. Hence, now the Police are investigating this situation impartially.’

Editorial Viewpoint

In this case, not only the lustful professor, but also the registrar of the university who is trying to cover-up the professor must be punished.

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