Hindu youth with a Muslim girlfriend beaten up by religious fanatical Muslims in Indore (MP)

Religious fanatics stabbed 2 people who went to rescue the youth

(Credit : OpIndia)

Indore (MP) – An incident of brutal beating up of a Hindu youth who was riding a bike with his Muslim girlfriend by religious fanatical Muslims took place on the night of 26th May. At this time, the two young men who came to rescue the Hindu youth were stabbed by fanatical Muslims. They were seriously injured and admitted to the hospital. The video of this incident went viral on social media.

According to the Police, a Hindu youth and a Muslim girl had gone to the restaurant for dinner. As soon as fanatical Muslims got this information, they chased them. When the youth and girl came out of the restaurant, Muslims surrounded them and asked their names. On realising that the youth was a Hindu and the girl was a Muslim, the Muslims started beating up both of them.

They asked Muslim girl, “why you went with a Hindu for dinner” ? The girl told them that she had informed her parents about the dinner plans with the friend. Still the Muslims beat them up. When the Muslims tried to attack them with a knife, 2 people came forward to rescue but they were stabbed by the Muslims.

(Credit : India Today)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • When Hindus question Muslims who trap Hindu girls in Love Jihad, hypocritical secularist political parties oppose it. Why are they silent now ?
  • Hindus feel that such incidents should not happen when there is a BJP Government in Madhya Pradesh.

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