Theater owners in Bengal threatened by Police and Administration to not screen The Kerala Story

‘The Kerala Story’ producer Vipul Shah’s allegation

Mumbai – Despite the Supreme Court’s order, the film ‘The Kerala Story’ has been illegally banned in Bengal, which is shocking. The film’s producer Vipul Shah alleged that theater owners are getting threatening phone calls from the Police and Administration saying, ‘If you open the ticket windows, your theater will not be safe’. Bengal’s Trinamool Congress Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had banned the release of the film in the State citing law and order concerns. After Vipul Shah challenged it in the Supreme Court, the Court ordered to lift the ban. However, Shah alleged that the above reason was why the film was not released there.

Vipul Shah further said that this is a violation of the Supreme Court order and theater owners are not talking openly about the threats they are receiving. They wish to show this film but they are not allowed to. It is very wrong for such things to happen after the Supreme Court order.

Theater owners are receiving threats – BJP leader also alleges

Amit Malviya, head of BJP’s Information Technology Department, has alleged that the film ‘The Kerala Story’ is not being screened in Bengal. Before the ban on the film in the State, the film was getting a huge response. In Kolkata, the local administration is threatening theater owners that “If the film is released, then punitive action will be taken”. This is contempt of Court order. Court should take note of this. If the State Government is flouting the Supreme Court order like this, it shows how weak the rule of law is here.

Still no change in the situation in Bengal – Film distributor

Satadeep Saha, distributor of the film ‘The Kerala Story’ in Bengal, said that there has been no change in the situation. Still no theater owner has agreed to screen the film.

Editorial Viewpoints

Dictatorship of the Hindu-hating and fanatic Muslim-loving Trinamool Congress in Bengal ! It should not be surprising if the Bengal’s Hindus, who elected such a party, have to face great trouble from the religious fanatics in the future.

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