Astrologer Siddeshwar Maratkar’s predictions of the Karnataka election came true

Pune (Maharashtra) – In a publication on 13th May, astrologer Siddeshwar Maratkar claimed his predictions about the Karnataka elections came true. ‘Jyotish Gyan’ is an astrology magazine. This magazine is edited by Siddheshwar Maratkar. Maharashtra’s power struggle and the Karnataka assembly elections were both predicted in the January to September 2022 edition and Diwali issue of ‘Jyotish Gyan’ magazine. Karnataka’s ruling party will face adverse times and there will be a change of power, he had said.

Maharashtra’s current Government’s Kaal had come, but the time was not right. Maratkar predicted the power struggle in Maharashtra, “The Court verdict will be in favour of Shinde-Fadnavis and the decision about the suspension will be handed over to the Assembly Speaker.” Maratkar said that both the predictions about the States of Maharashtra and Karnataka have come true.

Editorial viewpoint

This is a tight slap to those who call astrology a superstition. Despite of being proven numerous times, atheist organisations like Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti (ANiS) challenge astrology without ever accepting its validity.