Pakistani Army believes in democracy : Pak Army

Pakistani Army ruled out the reports of military rule in the country

Islamabad (Pakistan) – “We believe in democracy and we will continue to support it”, the Pakistani Army said in the ongoing debate over the imposition of martial law in the country. Director-General of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Public Relations, Major-General Ahmed Sharif Chaudhary has given this reaction to a news channel in Pakistan.

Allegedly former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was arrested on the orders of the Pakistani Army; Khan’s party workers carried out violence across the country after Khan’s arrest. The army headquarters were also attacked. The residences of many military officers were looted. On this background, the discussions have begun about the ‘implementation of martial law’ in the country.

There were news claiming the resignation of army officers due to the chaos in Pakistan; Major-General Chaudhary has refuted the reports of Martial law. He said, “many people are trying to create chaos in the country; but under the leadership of Army Chief Munir, the army is working in an organised manner. Conspiracy to divide the army will remain a dream.”

Editorial Viewpoint

What a joke by the Pakistani Army ! Pakistan has been under a military dictatorship more than under a democratic rule. Therefore, the Pakistanis have no doubt that this time also the same situation will be created.

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