Communists destroyed 20 years of my life : Actor Piyush Mishra

Communists use to tell parents are dirty, earning money is a sin – Mishra’s claim

New Delhi – Film actor Piyush Mishra admitted in an interview to a website that he lost 20 years of his life because of the Communists. He said, “Becoming a comrade (Communist worker) turned my life upside down. After a lot of effort, I got out of the Communists hold.”

Actor Piyush Mishra said,

1. Communists use to tell that family is a dirty thing, parents are dirty. You need to work for society. I used to ask, “Aren’t they all part of society ?”, and they would say, “No. The parts of society are different.”

2. The Communists made me work for them for 20 years. They use to tell me, “Earning money is a sin. Those who earn money become rich and capitalist. So never earn money.” I said yes to that. I gave up everything because of them. My parents, wife left everyone.

3. When I realised that I had become a bad father, a bad son. Then I decided that I would not be a bad father. I realised that I was doing wrong. Communists took away everything from me.

4. Communists have a chief and others are junior activists. These chiefs make juniors to do very bad things. Junior activists ask the chief what to eat and drink.

5. My physical condition became very bad after working with the Communists. My mental condition also worsened. I was emotionally drained. After this I left them and decided to work in films to be a good father.

Editorial Viewpoint

It has been 100 years since the Communist ideology came into the world and now its existence is fading away. ‘Why did this happen ?’, it can be seen from Mishra’s statements. This is the fate of those who do not believe in God, it is proved again !