Prisoners in the British jails forcibly converted to Islam !

London – Muslim prisoners force and coerce the prisoners cohabiting with them in British prisons to convert to Islam. Qurans are left on the beds of the new non-Muslim prisoners and they are given the choice to either “convert or get hurt”. This is seen in the report of Collin Bloom, an independent faith advisor appointed by the UK Government.

1. According to Bloom’s report Muslim gangs in British prisons give no protection to non-Muslim prisoners. These prisoners have to endure the threats and violence of the Muslim gangs.

2. Muslim male prisoners comprise about 30% of the prisoners in London prisons. (Muslims are a minority. But they are a majority in illegal activity. That is the scene in India as well ! – Editor) The report says that these fanatical Muslim prisoners convert non-Muslim prisoners in large numbers.

3. Collin has said that this activity is based on religious fanaticism, so the Government should take immediate action against it. He has also said the number of Hindus in prison is very small, but the number of Hindus in the workforce is very large. (Hindu is a cultured individual. It is seen that the Hindu wherever he may be, has the quality of love, and honesty, these being inherent to the Hindu Culture. -Editor)

4. In this report Collin has indicated to the Government the issue of the Khalistan supporters in Britain.

Editorial viewpoint

Religious fanatic Muslim prisoners make even the prisons a den for conversion. From this, we can see how Islam thrives in Britain which considers itself a modern and secular country.

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