Firecrackers burst inside 1300-year-old Martand Sun Temple in Kashmir on Eid !

Archaeological Survey of India is silent after this act of Muslim children

Anantnag (J&K) – An outrageous incident of bursting firecrackers on the occasion of Eid has come to light in the 1300-year-old Martand Sun temple here. The video of this incident is being widely circulated on social media and it is clearly seen that the Muslim children did it.

Although this temple has been declared as a ‘Protected Monument’ by the Archaeological Survey of India, even after this incident came to light, the department has not given any statement in this regard. In the past, the department had objected to puja by Hindus in the temple. (Doing Puja in temple is not okay with Archaeological Survey of India but is bursting firecrackers okay  ? Hindu-hater Indian Archaeological Survey of India’s silence is condemnable. – Editor)

History of Martand Sun Temple

A glorious Hindu king named Lalitaditya Muktapida is said to have built the temple in the 8th century. There were 84 small temples near this temple. The magnificence of the Martand Sun Temple was such that it was compared to Hampi, the capital of the legendary Vijaynagara Empire. Lalitaditya’s rule extended from Central Asia to Iran and India. But the power of the kings after him became less and less and hence the Islamic invaders attacked the Martand temple from time to time. In the 15th century, an army of Muslims marched on this temple. It took an entire year for this army to completely destroy the temple. The magnificence of this temple can be estimated from this. Now only the remains of this temple can be found.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Please note that the Muslim children did not think to burst firecrackers in the mosque rather did it inside the ruins of a Hindu temple ! Know that the descendants of Muhammad Ghori are still working so that even remains of the Hindu temples are also destroyed.
  • Is the Archaeological Survey of India sleeping ? Dissolve the Archaeology Department which cannot protect the ancient religious sites of Hindus !

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