Illegal slums of Muslims in Uttarakhand : Source of river pollution

  • Protesting citizens abused by these Muslims
  • Police filed a case and imposed a fine of Rs 5,000
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Almora (Uttarakhand) – A video of an illegal Muslim slum on Government land in the Ranikhet area is circulating on social media. In this video, the local people allege that the wastewater from this illegal slum is being released into the river. Some Muslims  are seen abusing the protesters saying ‘Is it your father’s land ?’ Based on this video, the Uttarakhand Police registered a case on a Muslim resident of the slum and imposed a fine of Rs 5,000. Also, the Police have tweeted the information that this drain has been closed. Many have tweeted that the fine imposed by the Police is very small.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Was the administration sleeping until the illegal slums were established and started polluting the river ?
  • Hindus think that such a situation should not happen when there is a BJP Government in Uttarakhand.

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