India should recognise and know its enemies and behave accordingly

Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzhaparova

Kyiv (Ukraine) – Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking for humanitarian help. Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzhaparova, who is currently on a visit to India handed the letter to Meenakshi Lekhi India’s Minister of State Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She called for closer relations between Ukraine and India and suggested that India should recognize the dangers of allowing countries to push their agenda with “impunity.” Her comments were seen as alluding to India’s neighbours Pakistan and China, with whom India has territorial disputes.

Dzhaparova emphasized that Ukraine does not intend to interfere in India’s economic relations with other countries, but noted that the Crimea episode has a lesson for India as well.

Ukraine is in no place to advise India !

Ms Dzhaparova, however, made it clear that Ukraine is not in a position to request India about how it maintains its economic relations with other countries, in an apparent reference to New Delhi’s energy ties with Moscow. India has been buying cheap Russian oil – despite the West’s sanctions on Russia – citing Indians’ need for affordable oil comes first before everything else and India will go wherever it gets a good deal.

We want good friendly relations with India !

Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzhaparova said they wanted good friendly relations with India. Ajit Doval India’s National security adviser visited Moscow 3 times during the Ukraine-Russia War. We would welcome his visit to Ukraine. We wish that he visits Ukraine (Ukraine had taken a contrary view in the UN Security Council when Article 370 was abolished.  There are many similar cases. How can India establish good friendly relations with such a country ? – Editor)

Editorial viewpoint

Did Ukraine recognise who its friends were ? Forget about advising India about recognising its enemies.  Ukraine fought with Russia depending on the support of the US and the European countries and now they are paying for their action. Before Ukraine gives a talk on India recognising its enemies it should first recognise who are its friends/allies !

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