Since America’s influence is fading, Macron is now pandering to China

Donald Trump’s critic of French President Macron

(From left side) French President Emmanuel Macron, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Former US President Donald Trump

Washington (US) – Former US President Donald Trump has criticised French President Emmanuel Macron. Trump said that after he left the presidency of the United States, the influence of the United States in the world diminished. America is not doing anything. My friend Macron has gone running toward China. Where he has kowtowed to  Chinese President Xi Jinping. France is now establishing relations with China.

1. Macron visited China last week. While there he said that European nations should not bind themselves to the shackles of the US foreign policy. European nations should not get involved in the conflict between China and the US regarding Taiwan. This is not our battle and we should not get dragged into this.

2. While China’s aim is to gain control over Taiwan, the US has promised to aid Taiwan. Macron stated after discussing the Taiwan issue with Xi Jinping.