A Muslim youth stabbed an Imam in a US mosque !

Alleging that Islam has been insulted

(Imam is the one who leads the prayers in a mosque)

(Left side) Accused Serif Zorba

New Jersey (US) – Imam Sayed Elnakib was stabbed while leading his congregation in prayer on the occasion of Ramzan at a mosque in Paterson, by Serif Zorba, a Muslim Youth. The accused is of a Turkic lineage.  He alleged, ‘I did this because Sayed Elnakib was taking money in the name of Islam. I wanted to enter his home to kill him. He has insulted Islam’. There were 200 individuals in the Mosque for namaz at the time of the attack.

(Credit : CBS New York)

They apprehended Zorba and handed him over to the Police. Elnakib has been admitted to the hospital and he is stable. Omar Mosque is located in an area that has a large Muslim population. After the incident, Councillor Al Abdel-Aziz expressed his concern and appealed that the Muslims should unite.

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