Two Jihadis who smuggled 81,000 detonators (explosives) and 27,000 kg of Ammonium Nitrate arrested from Bengal !

  • NIA concerned due to the smuggling of a such a large amount of Ammonium Nitrate !
  • These explosives could have destroyed a big city in explosion !

Kolkata – NIA has arrested Merazuddin Ali Khan and Mir Mohammed Nuruzzaman from Raniganj and Kolkata respectively, for smuggling 81,000 detonators and 27,000 kg of Ammonium Nitrate in the year 2022. They are originally from Bokaro and Birbhum respectively.

This has worried the investigating agencies. The agencies are investigating how such a large amount of explosives was smuggled. These explosives, if exploded, could have destroyed a big city.

Explosives were seized in the year 2022 !

Bengal’s Special Task Force Police stopped a four-wheeler in June 2022. 81,000 electric detonators were found in this vehicle. The Police arrested its driver, who gave information that led to the seizure of an additional 27,000 kg of Ammonium Nitrate, 1,625 kg of gelatin sticks and 2,000 plus electric detonators.

The seizure of explosives reminded of Beirut (Lebanon) explosion !

Due to the explosion in Beirut, the area of ​​10 kilometers of the city was completely destroyed !

The seizure of such a large amount of explosives in Bengal reminded of the deadly explosion that took place in Beirut, Lebanon’s capital, on 4th August 2020. 2,750 tons of seized Ammonium Nitrate was stored in a warehouse in Beirut. It exploded and destroyed a 10 km area of the city completely.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Were the security forces sleeping while such large amount of explosives were getting smuggled ?
  • TMC ruled Bengal has become a factory to manufacture explosives. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who plays the politics of Muslim appeasement, is responsible for this !
  • Bengal has become the hub of Jihadi activities in turn a threat to the national security. This situation compels President’s Rule in the State.

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