Obscenity, nudity and abuse being shown on OTT should be stopped : Actor Salman Khan

Actor Salman Khan

Mumbai – ‘I really feel that someone should curb the obscenity, nudity and profanity being shown on ‘OTT’ (online medium of watching movies etc) platforms. It should be stopped. Currently, even 15-16-year-olds watch it. Will you like it if a 16-year-old girl watches all this on her mobile instead of studying ? Everything that comes on OTT must go through Censorship. Salman when speaking to the reporters also said – The cleaner the content, the more will be the number of people watching it.

In the meantime, such types were also seen in the film; but now the quantity is less. We live in India, we should realise and safeguard our prestige and honour. Now slowly people are turning to cleaner ‘content’ which is a good thing.

(Credit : India.com)

Editorial viewpoint

Although this statement by Khan is correct, he should also tell whether he will take any initiative on this.

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