Ganesh Idol was vandalised by unknown miscreants in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

The intention underlying the display of this image is not to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus but to make them comprehend the denigration –  Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) – A 500-year-old Ganesh Idol was vandalised by unidentified miscreants in House Ganesh village, Phirangipuram Mandal, Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh on the night of 3rd April. Police are investigating the incident. So far, no arrests have been made.

The accused broke the Temple’s Shri Ganesh Idol into many pieces. Because of this Hindus are furious. The Police are asking the Hindus to be calm and maintain restraint. (Please note that Hindus always maintain restraint, while the fanatic Muslims begin stone-pelting even on a hearing rumour that the Quran has been burned – Editor) The Police have assured the people that they will soon arrest the culprits. (The Police are misguiding the people just like the politicians. – Editor) A new Idol will be installed in the Temple.

No action is being taken despite the fact that Hindu Temples are being targeted continuously ! – BJP

BJP leader Sunil Deodhar

BJP leader Sunil Deodhar alleged that in this State Government’s regime, Hindu Temples are being continuously targeted, but there have been no arrests till date in this matter. This is happening because the YSR Congress Government is anti-Hindu.

Editorial viewpoint

In Andhra Pradesh, while Hindu Temples are being continuously targeted, no action is seen to be taken by its Christian Chief Minister of the YSR Congress. Please note that ‘law-abiding, secular, liberal protectors’ of the Constitution are not raising their voices against this horrific act !