Fanatic Muslims attack Ramnavami processions at many places in Bihar

  • Firing by religious fanatics
  • Hindus’ houses and shops looted
  • Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s Bihar tour cancelled

Patna (Bihar) – Incidents of attacks by religious fanatic Muslims on Ramnavami processions and Hindus returning after the immersion of Devi Idols have been reported at Sasaram, Nalanda, and Bhagalpur. They even attacked the Police at Sasaram. These fanatic Muslims looted goods worth Rs 3 crore from the shop at Bihar Sharif of a BJP leader. CCTV recordings of these incidents have gone viral on social media. The Union Home Minister Amit Shah cancelled his tour of Sasaram because of riots.  The State Chief Minister Nitish Kumar assured that an inquiry into this violence will be conducted. He alleged that these incidents seem to be pre-planned. More than 80 people have been arrested for this. (Such a statement by the CM, when it is clearly seen that the fanatic Muslims were involved in violence, is a very ignoble shielding of the fanatic Muslims. – Editor) 

Ramnavami procession was attacked by fanatic Muslims as it reached the Deewanganj area in Bihar Sharif. Hindus’ houses and shops were vandalised and burnt. The fanatics even fired at the Hindus, injuring 4 persons. More than ten individuals have been injured in various incidents of violence. Presently, a curfew has been imposed in these areas.

Editorial viewpoint

This is the auspicious month of Ramzan for the Muslims. Please note that violence by fanatic Muslims during Hindus’ religious processions has not been condemned by any of the Muslim leaders, mullah-maulavis, Muslim organisations or parties !

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