CBI pressured me to implicate Prime Minister Modi in a fake encounter

Union Home Minister Amit Shah claims !

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on right & PM Narendra Modi on left

New Delhi – Union Home Minister Amit Shah claimed in a news channel programme that he was pressured during the CBI investigation to implicate then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in the fake encounter case when there was a Congress-led Government at the Centre. Shah was the Home Minister of Gujarat at that time. He made this claim while responding to a question regarding opposition parties accusing the Union Government of misusing the investigative agencies. He also said that ‘when pressure was being put on me, BJP never made a fuss at that time’.

On Rahul Gandhi’s case, Shah said that Rahul Gandhi is not the only politician who has lost his membership of Parliament after being found guilty by the Court. Instead of challenging it in the High Court, Rahul Gandhi is making a fuss about the issue and holding PM Modi responsible for it. Instead of accusing the Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi should go to the High Court and fight the case. Congress is spreading misinformation like ‘punishment cannot be stopped’. The sentence can be suspended if the higher Court dismisses it. You want to be an MP and you won’t even go to Court, where does this ego come from ? Earlier, when the membership of 17 big leaders like Lalu Prasad Yadav, Jayalalitha and Rashid Alvi was suspended during the Congress’ rule, no one protested by wearing black clothes.